Monday, 27 June 2011

Nissan reveals 6 year plan

Nissan Motor Co. CEO Carlos Ghosn said Monday the automaker aims to achieve a global market share of 8 percent by the business year ending in March 2017 by focusing on rapidly expanding emerging markets.

The figure shows that Nissan is taking a bullish stance on strong growth in emerging economies despite the negative impact of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Ghosn also said Nissan, which currently has a market share of about 5.8 percent, aims to increase its corporate operating profit to 8 percent from 6.1 percent by the 2016 business year.

LA Dodgers baseball team files for bankruptcy

The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club has filed for bankruptcy in a Delaware court, blaming Major League Baseball for not approving a television deal that could have kept the team secure.

Bankruptcy permits the Dodgers to use $150m (£94m) for daily operations and gives the team time to to seek a media deal, the club said in a statement.

The statement added that the team would not be disrupted by its financial woes.

But reports indicated the Dodgers could have trouble meeting its next payroll.

Rothschild, the investment bank, takes a bigger role in the European debt market

The bank is positioning itself for a major push into the collateralised loan obligation market, which has begun to show signs of recovery following its collapse during the credit crisis.

CLOs are a form of derivative product in which managers package different types of leveraged loans and sell them on to investors.

The market suffered significant losses in the financial crisis, following a significant boom in the heady days of the leveraged buy-out boom in the middle of the last decade, but has since begun to recover.

Five biggest threats to the US economy

The Telegraph recently reported on the 5 biggest threats to the US economy.

Saab has confirmed a new order that will help some of its financial concerns.

Last week, the company said it was too short of cash to make the payments.

A Chinese company has provided a lifeline for Saad Automobile with a price order for almost 600 cars and enough cash to pay the wages of its 3,800 workers this month and make some payment to suppliers.

Now it has said that the pre-payment on a 13m euro ($18m; £12m) order for 582 Saab vehicles would give it the short-term funding it needs.